Prevent Loan Scams

For Counselors and Partners

Partner Toolkit

Below are some valuable resources that will help you fight loan modification scams in your area. (NOTE: Please check back periodically as these resources will be updated.)

Online Complaint Form

In order to promote the Network's complaint reporting form please post a link to the form on your website.  

If your organization would like to use a unique URL that will allow the Network to automatically track the complaints your organization submits on behalf of homeowners, please email us at to become an official reporting partner.

Paper Complaint Form

While the best way to report scams to the Network is through the online complaint form, there will be times when partners do not have access to the internet.  To ensure that complaints are still reported, the Network has created paper complaint resources. 

Reporting Loan Modification Scams

Partner organizations and agencies are encouraged to train their staff and volunteers on the best way to screen for and report scams to the Network.  The LMSPN has created brief, yet detailed instructions on how to report scams to the Network.

Loan Modification Scam Tips Card

Homeowner education is critical to combating loan modification scams.  The Network has created a tip card that provides red flags for homeowners to know, information on how to access free HUD-certified counseling, and a way to report scams online or over the phone.  Please distribute these tip cards to your networks to ensure they do not join the countless homeowners who have fallen victim to these scams.

Submit a Complaint, Now What?

Once you submit a complaint to the Networks national database valuable information will be provided to help local, state and federal enforcement efforts to stop illegal loan modification scams.

Additional Homeowner Education Information

Visit to learn more about loan modification scams.  NeighborWorks AmericaTM hosts the website as part of a comprehensive national media and outreach campaign.  There you will find important educational information for homeowners and a toolkit of ready-made materials on loan scams for partners.