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Nationwide Prosecutions Against Alleged Scammers

Across the country law enforcement and regulatory agencies have brought criminal, civil and/or administrative actions against numerous companies and individuals alleging involvement in loan modification scams and other foreclosure rescue schemes.  To the extent these names are available from public sources they are here on this website, as some scammers continue to try to operate after they have been subjected to investigation and adjudged to have run afoul of the law. This information is not exhaustive. Click on the source links or the hyperlinked names below in order to view the public sources. Generally, homeowners seeking loan modification assistance are encouraged to work with HUD-certified housing counseling agencies, which can be found by clicking here. Homeowners  may also call the Homeowners' HOPE Hotline 1-888-995-4673 for free loan modification assistance.

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The list of alleged scammers for Arizona was last updated on April 11, 2011.  All information on this page is publicly available. Click a name below to view public source documentation.


The Arizona Attorney General has filed suit against these individuals:

Ron Bush Kardakh Natto
Miriam Bush Edward Picarello
Matthew Castaneda and his wife, “Jane Doe Castaneda” Robert Sanchez and his wife, “Jane Doe Sanchez”
Wing Chung Chan John Saro
Zhigang Chen Sandra Saro
Christian Dubon Kimberly Werking 
Bobby John Herrera Jeffrey Sayegh
Peter Hou Marvin Williamson and his wife, “Jane Doe Williamson”
Yanjun Hou Katrina Winding
Weimeng Hu Michael Winding
Morgan K. Lee Colleen Winer
Rick Thomas McCullough Richard Winer
Thomas Montoya and his wife, “Jane Doe Montoya” Xiaohong Wu
Dorin Natto
Edward L. Carpenter
 Eli Wade


The Arizona Attorney General has filed suit against these companies:

Arizona Investments Hope for Homeowners Now, LLC
Asset Creation, LLC Investors with Integrity, LLC 
Bourbon Street Property Management, LLC Loan Modification of America, LLC
CactusCash, Inc. Loan Modification Professional Services
Desert Sun Equity, LLC Santoya Financial Company, LLC
Executive Investment Services, LLC  Stress Free Equity Corp.
Filibuster, LLC
Loss Mitigation Training Centers of America, LLC
Loss Mitigation Training Center of America, LLC
Taken Care of Investments, LLC
Freedom Foreclosure Prevention Specialits
Mastermind Consulting Group
Homeowner Solutions, LLC
Discount Mortgage Relief
Este Desert Research Modification Corp
 Better Choice Investments


Individuals and businesses from whom the Arizona attorney general has settled or recovered for alleged foreclosure-rescue schemes:

Harvest Properties d/b/a HomeVestors, Harrington Sterling Holdings, LLC, Colin Sterling Reilly, Robert Harrington Reilly, and Jill Lynae Reilly Qiao Zhu
Lin Liou Liang Zhao
XiaoFen Liu Virtual Realty Funding Company

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The list of alleged scammers for California was last updated on March 7, 2012. All information on this page is publically available.  Click a name below to view public source documentation.

 California Department of Real Estate (DRE):

The DRE has filed over 400 desist-and-refrain orders and/or accusations against companies performing loan modifications.  Homeowners can look up the names of these companies by visiting their website.  In addition, they can contact the DRE to inquire about what has happened with the order against a particular company or individual.


California Attorney General has filed suit against these individuals:

Arthur S. Aldridge
Sibpun Ampornpet
Michael Armendariz
Kenneth Buhler
Ruben Curiel
Christopher L. Diener 
George Escalante
Sharon Fasela
Terence Green Sr.
Ricardo Haag
Eli Hassine

Quentin Hazell 
William Hutchings
Shawna Landis 
Xiaoke Li
Cesar Lopez
Stefano Marrero 
Maya Burrell Marrero
Kathleen Marrero-Davis
Rasha Yehia Melek
Zulmai Nazarzai
John D H N Nielsen
Paul Noe  
Carol Pencille
Adrian Pomery
Eric Pony  
Paulette Pony  
Wilma Pony
Mitchell Roth 
Hakimullah Sarpas
Karla C. Shippey
Ronald C. Specter
Dean Storm


California Attorney General has filed criminal charges against these individuals:

Saul Amador
Rosa Conrado
Marianne Curtis
Jesus Flores
James Sandison
Tristan Mireles
Juan Pierre Washington
James Rambadt
Justin Castleman
Hugo Tapia
Jose Mario Esquer
Kahrami Zamani
Brandon Moreno
Dean Shafer
Gateway International
David Giron
Antonia Gonzalez
Isaura Hernandez
Alejandrina Maldonado
Michael Douglas Young
Caleb Pascua
Gary Arnold Eisenberg
Thomas Hayes
David Ealy
Nabile "Bill" Anz
Valentin Benitez
Cesar Lopez
Christopher Francis Betts
Marion Anthony a/k/a Toney Perry
Juan Perez
Anna Santos
Mary Alice Yraceburu
Angeline Lisa Lizarrago
Juan Casas
Gregg Scott Quinn
Ira Itskowitz
James Kone
Chele Store
Boaz Minitzer
George Escanlante
Adrian pomery
Frank Sullivan
Data Medical Capital Inc.

Businesses facing civil/criminal penalties:

Andrews Investment Group
CAS Group, Inc. 
California Foreclosure Specialists
CFSA Home Solutions 
Compliance Audit Solutions 
Costal Home Solutions 
Creative Lending Solutions
CS & Associates 
Diener Law Firm
Direct Credit Solutions, Inc.
E. Pony, Inc.
Federal Land Grant (FLG), LLC
First Gov
Foreclosure Freedom
Foreclosure Prevention Services
Golden State Funding, Inc.
Greenleaf Lending, Inc.                                             Family First Modification Group          
H.E. Service Company
Guardian Group, LLC
U.S Loan Auditors, Inc.
Avemos Financial Group
Gretchen Fox & Associates
Safe Recovery
Financial Plus Investments
National Foreclosure Relief
Federal Loan Modification, LLC
Dinamica Financiera, LLC
U.S Foreclosure Relief Corp also d/b/a U.S Foreclosure Relief, Inc
Loss Mitigation Services, Inc
Direct Lender
Premier Legal Advocates

Home Relief Services, LLC
KBS Resources, LLC
Land Grant Services, LLC
Landis Business Services, Inc.
Lifetime Financial
Living Water Lending, Inc.
Mortgage Solution Specialists Inc. 
MW Roth, PLC
Nations Mortgage,Inc. 
National Mortgage Relieve Center                 
Home Care Mortgage Solutions
                              Lakeview Servicing           
Olympic Escrow, Inc.
U.S Loan Specialists
My U.S Legal Services
Mason Capital Group, LLC
Apocalypse Trust/Amerisian Trust
Priority Realty
Dominant Leads, LLC
Federal Loan Modification Law Center, LLP
Soluciones Dinamicas, Inc
California Foreclosure Specialists
Infinity Group Services also d/b/a IGS
Synergy Financial Management Corporation
ALG Capital


Payment Processing Department
Payment Relief Services, Inc.
RMR Group Loss Mitigation, LLC
Shippey & Associates, P.C.
Statewide Financial Group, Inc.
United First, Inc. 
U.S. Foreclosure Relief, Inc.
US Homeowners Assistance 
US Homeowners Preservation Center
Virtual Escrow, Inc.
Mitigation Review
Mad TJ Holdings
Anz & Associates PLC
Hope to Homeowners
Lighthouse Services
All Fund Mortgage
Bank Modification Experts



Additionally, the California State Bar has publically identified numerous attorneys about whom numerous complaints have been lodged regarding their loan modification services. The below attorneys are currently under investigation by the California State Bar for loan modification misconduct.  This information is current as of February 4, 2010.

David Arase (#233705), Costa Mesa, Arase Law Firm and National Housing Assistance 
Nabile Anz (#183324), Irvine, Federal Loan Modification Law Center (resigned)
Stephen Burns (#113371), Los Angeles, Legal Group Network 
Robert Buscho (#122556), Fullerton, United Law Group 
Nicholas Chavarela (#251632), Santa Ana, Rodis Law Group and America’s Law Group 
Gary Davidson (#32110), Costa Mesa (resigned)
Christopher Diener (#187890), Irvine, Home Relief Services LLC (involuntarily inactive)
Christian Dillon (#89376), USMAC Law Group (involuntarily inactive)
Cameron Edwards (#222549), Alliance Law Center in San Diego (resigned)
Kurt Elkins (#241562), Los Angeles
Steven Feldman (#103676), Mission Viejo, Feldman Law Center 
Eric Douglas Johnson (#224065), Culver City, Avantgarde Group (resigned)
Paul Lucas (#163076), Aliso Viejo, Lucas Law Center (involuntarily inactive)
Tanmay Mistry (#251425), Los Angeles
Brandon Moreno (#233750), Santa Ana, U.S. Foreclosure Relief Corp. 
Jeffrey Nemerofsky (#213014) Laguna Niguel, U.S. Advocacy Law Group and U.S. Financial Products (resigned)
Laguna Niguel (#207218), U.S. Advocacy Law Group and U.S. Financial Products 
James Parsa (#153389), Southern California (resigned)
Gregory Paiva (#207218) 
Adrian Pomery (#249664), Orange, U.S. Foreclosure Relief Corp. 
Ronald Rodis (#181873), Newport Beach, Rodis Law Group and America’s Law Group (resigned) 
Mitchell Roth (#77962), Sherman Oaks, San Diego, Riverside (resigned)
Sean Rutledge (#255938), Irvine, United Law Group (involuntarily inactive) 
Mark Shoemaker (#134828), Long Beach, Advocates for Fair Lending 
Timothy Thurman (#216048), Los Angeles, Trinity Law Group (resigned)
Marc Tow (#78429), Newport Beach, Marc Tow and Associates 
Michael Yellin (#255050), Los Angeles, A Fresh Start Loan Modification

District of Columbia


The list of alleged scammers for the District of Columbia was last updated on March 7, 2012. All information on this page is publically available. Click a name below to view public source documentation.

The Attorney General, the Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, and/or the Federal Trade Commission have filed suit against these individuals:                                                          

Bryan P. Rosenberg
Glenn S. Rosofsky
Valeria Tomlin
Michael A. Trap 
Derek R. Oberholtzer                                                                 

The Attorney General and/or the Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia have filed criminal charges against these individuals:

Vincent Abell
Sunday Yemi Adefehinti
Stephen Bola Akinkuowo
Olushola Akinleye
Jamilah Al-Bari
Osman Sharrieff Al-Bari
Kolawole Aminu
Calvin Baltimore
Mark Blunt
Tayo John Bode
Michael James Booker
Wilbert Brodie
Modou Camara
Samba Camara
Rasheeda M. Canty
Howsoon Cham
Robbie Colwell
Susan M. Conner
Walter F. Contreras
George A. Cowser
Thomas Ryan

Alan R. Davis
Corey M. Douglas
Dennis Dyer
Ajola Faal
Richard A. Forde
David Freelander
Watson T. Goffney, Jr.,
Alvita Karen Gunn
Temika Ganae Gustus
Charles E. Hall, Sr.
Michael Anthony Hickson
Charlotte Melissa Josephine Hardmon
James Holbert, Jr.
Oyekunle Ikudayisi
Darren Jenkins
Sheila Jones
Sarafa Kareem
Robin Lewis-Ivy
Joe D. Liles
Baboucarr Lowe
Kara McIntosh
Duane McKinney
Gohar J. Mirza
Theo Gerome Myers
Carole Nelson
David Nuyen
Sidney Okosun
Oladipo Olafunmiloye
Florence Oluseyi Oloyede
Olurotimi Padonu
Edward Robinson
Vicki A. Robinson
Bagen Sagnia
Fatou Sey
Isaac Jerome Smith
Audrey Waite
Sabrina Weinberg
Terrence White
Andrew Hamilton Williams, Jr.
Marcus T. Wiseman

Businesses facing civil/criminal penalties:

Brotherly Investment Group
E-Star Lending, Inc.
Federal Housing Modification Department, Inc.
First Eagle Mortgage
Fordham Investment Group
Home Assure

Loan Modification Reform Association
Metro Dream Homes
Metropolitan Financial Services
Metropolitan Grapevine LLC
Metropolitan Money Store Corporation
Modern Management Inc. of Washington
Nations Housing Modification Center
New Century Mortgage Company
POS Dream Homes
ProTech Buildings, Inc.
Regional Title & Escrow, LLC 
RTE Title & Escrow
Sussex Title
Sleeping Giant Media

Additionally, the District of Columbia Bar has publicly identified at least four attorneys about whom complaints have been lodged regarding their loan modification services.  The below attorneys are currently under investigation or have been disbarred by the District of Columbia Bar for loan modification misconduct and other actions.  This information is current as of December 14, 2009.

Richard W. Allison, Law Office of Allison & Associates, Washington, D.C. 
Bridgette M. Harris, Washington, D.C.
Leslie W. Lickstein, Fairfax, VA
Reginald Jerome Rogers, Washington, D.C.
Allen M. Shore, Hollywood, FL



The list of alleged scammers for Florida was last updated on March 7, 2012.  All information on this page is publicly available. Click a name below to view public source documentation.

The Florida Attorney General has filed suit against these companies:

1st Capital Mortgage Associates, Inc.
3ACN Loss Mitigation Services, Inc.
American Heritage Commercial Capital
American Heritage Mortgage Group, Inc.
American Home Rescue, Inc.
Appraisal Technology and Valuation, Inc.
Barrister Title Services, Inc.
Centro De Prevencion Y 
Educacion Corazones Unidos 
DC Financial Group
Deleverage America, Inc.
H.I. Visida, Inc.
E. Brooke Co. LLC
Economic Alliance Group, Inc.
Equity Investment Capital Management, Inc.
FHA All Day.Com, Inc. 
Financial Management Advisors
FMA Servicing, Inc. a/k/a Financial Management Advisors
Florida Housing Council, LLP
Silverstone Financial LLC
Silverstone Lending LLC
1st Guaranty Mortgage Corporation
Scoreleaper, LLC
Truman Mitigation Services, LLC
Attorney Finance Services,LLC
Global Equity Solutions

GMC Land Services of Florida, Inc. d/b/a Richmond Abstract, Inc.
Home Owner Protection Economics, Inc. 
Housing Assistance Law Center, PA
Housing Assistance Now, Inc.
JB Consulting
JPB Consulting, Inc 
Keep Your Property, Inc. 
Law & Associates, LLC 
Lincoln Lending Services, LLC 
Longdenville Investment & Management Inc.
Mortgage Crisis Solutions Association, LLC 
Mortgage Modification Solutions
National Foreclosure Counseling Services Corp.
National Foreclosure Management, Inc. 
National Property Holding Group, LLC
Outreach Housing, LLC 
P & R Funding Corporation
Clear Image Financial
Mortgage Foreclosure Solutions
Keystone Financial LLC
Spectrum Tittle, Inc
First Universal Lending
Truman Foreclosure Assistance
Franklin Financial Group U.S LLC
Crowder Law Group, P.A.
Hope Financial Services

Richmond Abstract, Inc.
Safety Financial Services, Inc.
Security One Mortgage Corp. 
Security Trust Title LLC
Southeast Capital Mortgage Company
Star Enterprises, LLC 
Steele Property Investments, Inc.
The Mortgage Practice, Inc.
Three Angels Community Action Network, Inc. d/b/a 3ACN
Trincity Trucking Inc.
US Loss Mitigation Services of FL, Inc.
Victor Lopez & Associates 
Wineberg, Lopez & Rodriguez 
Xolutex, Inc.
Lifeline Financial Legal Home Solutions
U.S Mortgage Funding Inc.
Debt Remedy Partners Inc.
Lower My, LLC
Safe Harbour Fondation of Florida Inc
Southeast Advertising

Crossland Credit Consulting Corp. aslo d/b/a Crossland Credit Consultants Corporation
Washington Data Resources, Inc.
Jackson, Crowder & Associates, P.A.

The Florida Attorney General has filed suit against these individuals:

Betty Bedeau.
Bryan E. Berry
Edward Billings
Juan P. Bordali
Allen Boyarsky
Dianna Brown-Flournoy
William R. Colon
Luis Delgado
Anthony Didonato
Joseph Esposito
Salvatore Esposito
Dennis Fischer
Ada Forty
Donald Gillette
Christopher S. Godfrey
Guillermo Gomez 
Rita Gomez
Brad Frank Groden
Steve Groden
John Incandela, Jr a/k/a Jonathan Incandela, Jr
Bonnie Harris
Amy Lalonde
David Zausner
Benzion Jack Itzkowitz a/k/a Jack Itzkawitz
Tyna Caldwell
Kathleen Lewis
Nicolar Molina
Brian Blanchard

Marcus Habeeb
Sherrard A. Haugabrooks
Carlos A. Hernandez
George Ibanez
Laura Ibanez
Thomas E. Law, II
Richard Lawson
Victor Lopez
Jeanette Lugo
Stephen Mahadeo
Lakeisha Marion
Aziz Mohammed
Jack Moussa 
Rose Moussa
Albert Nae
Tracy Needleman
Rhona Oliver
Debra Behrens
Michael Siani
Christopher Tomasulo
Michael Petroski
David J. Feingold
Richard Zafrani a/k/a Rick Zafrani
Douglas A. Crowder
Kathy Lewis
Michael Trimarco
David Botton
Paola Pino
Wyman F. Roberts
Gina Rock
Reina Roman
Linda Rubinchik
John Sarlo
Bethann Schuldiner
Heather Showalter
Anna Silva
Navin Subramaniam 
Ceasar F. Tavaras
Jason Vitulano
Kenneth West
Bernard Williams
Magdalene Williams
Blair L. Wright
David Mahlera
Jamen Lachs
Peter J. Porcellie II
Stephen Lalonde
Sean Zausner
Eli Hertz
Richard A. Bishop
Brent McDaniel
Bruce Meltzer
James O'Brian
Michael Grieco

The Florida Attorney General is currently investigating these companies and individuals:

21st Century Legal Services, Inc.
411 Home Help Corporation, Trinity Mortgage Corporation, Maria L. Ortega and  
Manuel Perez
A Realty RX, LLC
America's Mortgage Banker, Inc. / American Mortgage Banker, Inc. 
America's Mortgage Consultants, Inc.
American Home Solutions Group, LLC. 
American Mortgage Modification, Debt Advisory Alliance, Ron Quintero,, Michael Tubbiola, Foreclosure Avoidance Network,, Inc.,; Orlando Castano; The Law Office of Orlando J. Castano, Jr., Inc.
Americas Loss Mitigation Solutions Corporation a/k/a Stonehill Financial, Inc.
Attorney Debt Services, LLC dba Campbell Law Firm, P.A.
B Home Associates, LLC dba Expert Foreclosure
Baker, Kennedy and Associates
Continental Home Rescue Services, Inc.
Direct Mortgage Solutions/ American Senior Lending
E Mortgage Recovery, LLC
Federal Loan Assistance Center, LLC
FHA All Day.Com, Inc./Daniel Fox/The Hall Firm/Housing Assistance Inc/Housing Assistance Now/Housing Assistance Law Center/Safety Financial
Fintech Services, Inc.

Foreclosure Rescue Services, L.L.C., d/b/a Foreclosure Relief Systems, L.L.C.
FMA Servicing Inc., a/k/a Financial Management Advisors, a/k/a, and a/k/a Financial Management Services
Foreclosure Alternative Services, LLC
Garco, Inc.; Gideon Rechnitz, d/b/a Garco Property Management Company; ; Rental Acquisitions, LLC; , Profitmax, Inc., d/b/a Foreclosure Prevention Corporation and d/b/a Florida Foreclosure Prevention Corp., Jennifer Giles
Home Assure, LLC
Home Mitigation Direct, LLC
Home Rescue and Modification, Inc., Jason Lapaglia, Shawn Wright, Fidelity One Mortgage Group, Inc., Eric Clayman, Esq. 
Household Rescue Solutions
JPB Consulting, Inc. a/k/a Mortgage Modification Solutions
Keep Your Property, Inc., William R. Colon, Carlos A. Hernandez
Kirkland Young, L.L.C.
Law & Associates, LLC, Thomas E. Law II
Legal Modifications Attorney at Law
Lending Central
Liberty Mitigation Services, Inc., fka: Integrity Real Estate Services, Inc., fka: Integrity Investment Properties, Inc., d/b/a Integrity Foreclosure Solutions
Lincoln Lending Services, LLC
Mortgage Company Rocks
Mortgage Crisis Solutions Association, LLC Property Solutions Specialists, Inc.
Mortgage Modifiers, LLC 
National Foreclosure Counseling Services Corp 
National Foreclosure Management, Inc.
National Foreclosure Mediators, Inc. / Home2Mortgage
National Payment Modification Company, a Florida Corporation, William Rodriguez, Jr., an individual, Chance Edward Gordon, Esquire, an Individual, d/b/a National Payment Modification, a fictitious name registered In San Diego County, California, and The Gordon Law Firm of Los Angeles, California.
Nationwide Home Relief 
Oceanview Investment Services, Corp. Oceanview Financial Services, Corp. Financial Powerhouse Services, Inc.
Outreach Housing, LLC United Home Front, LLC Blair L. Wright, and Bryan E. Berry
Pendulum Financial Group d/b/a Blue Fox Financial
Professor Mortgage
Quality Florida Group, Corporation
Reliable Resources, LLC

The Florida Office of Financial Regulation has issued cease and desist order to the following businesses:

Homeownership Preservation Group
Loan Modification Rescue Team

The Florida Office of Financial Regulation has issued cease and desist order to the following individuals:

Marijo Bilobrk
Kasey Creighton
Gabrielle Hatfield
Barney W. May
Donald A. Morris
Marino Pena
Yesenia Rosario
Alicia Sanchez




The list of alleged scammers for Georgia was last updated on April 12, 2011.  All information on this page is publicly available. Click a name below to view public source documentation. 

The following individuals or organizations have been prosecuted by the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs:

Dwayne Green, Maximus Investment Group

The following individuals or organizations were issued Cease-and-Desist Orders by the Department of Banking and Finance for their activities:

Kalle Kivinen, Loan Restructuring Solutions
Atlanta Loan Modifications, Inc.

Suit has been filed against the following Georgia Company by the Kansas Attorney General for operating scams in Kansas:

ABS Saveco  

Additionally, the Georgia State Bar has publically identified numerous attorneys about whom numerous complaints have been lodged regarding their loan modification services. The below attorneys are currently under investigation by the Georgia State Bar for loan modification misconduct: 

Leonanous A. Moore

This information is current as of April 12, 2011.  Please visit  to see a list of attorneys who have been recently disciplined.




The list of alleged scammers for Illinois was last updated on April 12, 2011. Please check for updated information regarding the Illinois Attorney General’s mortgage-related fraud actions.  All information on this page is publicly available. Click a name below to view public source documentation.

The Illinois Attorney General has filed civil suits against the following businesses that are alleged to have perpetrated foreclosure rescue scams:

Abbotsford, LLC, d/b/a, 
Aeroworks, LLC, 
Advantage Mortgage Consulting, Inc. 
American Financial Corp. d/b/a National Foreclosure Counseling Services 
American Housing Authority, Inc.
Capital Foreclosure Solutions 
Cash VIP/Centurion Loss Mitigation Group 
Creative Financial Solutions
Eyes Have Not Seen, Inc. (EHNS)
First Chicago Real Estate Group, LLC
Foreclosure Experts
Foreclosure LMS
Foreclosure Solutions
Foreclosure Solutions, LLC
Crowder Law Group
Diamond Management of Chicago

Foreclosure Solutions Experts d/b/a Foreclosure Experts 
Freedom Mortgage Team, Inc. 
Homeowners’ Assistance Association 
HomeSavers USA, Inc.  
Homestead Protection Services, LLC 
Law & Associates LLC, 
Lender’s Foreclosure Relief, Inc.
Living Modifications Corp. 
Loan Mod One, LLC
Loan Modification Inc. 
The Mack Financial Group, Inc.
MarTav Services Corporation
Mason Capital Group
Mason Capital Group, LLC 
Midwest Foreclosure Solutions
Mortgage Assistance Solutions, LLC
Mutual Trust Funding, formerly known as Greater Investment Solutions, Inc.
National Foreclosure Counseling Services
People’s First Financial
Platinum Investment Group, LLC
RYM Technology Holdings, LLC/ RYM Tech, LLC 
SGM Mortgage, Inc.
United Home Savers, LLP
United Home Solutions, Inc.
Victory Consulting and Investments Inc. of Chicago, IL 
Winter Lake, Limited, an Illinois Corporation

The Illinois Attorney General has filed civil suits against the following individuals who are alleged to have perpetrated foreclosure rescue scams:

Walter C. Armstrong
Christopher Bidigare
Timothy Buckley
Suellen Carpenter
Casimar Cerniaukas (also known as “Casey Cerni”)
David Chacon
Robert V. Dallavia
Felix L. Daniel, Sr.
Edward J. Galowitch
Carlos A. Gomez
Dan Papajcik

Debra Gray
Jim Hamilton
Edward D. Johnson
Felicia Johnson
Scott Kotalik
Thomas E. Law, II
Nevrus Mehmeti
David Moakler
Darius K. Monroe
Erika Norton
Katen (Keith) Pabley
David Mierswa
Raymond Paulk
John F. Reed
Fernando Rios, aka Fernali Ferrice
Judel James Robert
Brandon Roberts
Maria C. Scardicchio
Michael Thomas Stoller
Gail “Stacy” Strong
Tomasz Tomczyk
Charles T. White, Jr.
Norton Helton

The Illinois Attorney General has also filed criminal charges against alleged scammers, including the following individuals:

Mark J. Helfand
Mirjana Omickus
Budimir Radojcic
Suzana Radojcic 
Christa Patterson

The following attorneys have faced disciplinary action by the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois for misconduct relating to mortgage rescue schemes and similar real estate transactions:

Susan Grace Castagnoli, No. 3123234
Kevin Tyronne Kent, No. 6237431
Edward Earle Hearn, No. 6194650
Marc Bradley Jacobs, No. 6277706
Joshua Blum, No. 6274594
George Richard Flynn, No. 838322
Scott V. Kelley, No. 6239300
David M. Ucherek, No. 6832657
Kevin L. Willis, No. 6203417
Linda M. Serrano, No. 6204359
Rachel Kathleen Donegan, No. 6269654
Betty Burns Paden, No. 3127578


The list of alleged scammers for Indiana was last updated on July 6, 2010 . All information on this page is publically available. Click a name below to view public source documentation.

The Indiana Attorney General has filed suits against these individuals:

Eric Brye Raymond Paulk
Kenneth Brye Majik Moore
Sallie Brye Donald M. Johnson
Robert Dallavia  

The Indiana Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney's Offices in Indiana have filed criminal charges against these individuals: 

Shane Burns Justin L. Stuckey
Vincent Eads Tod Owens
Jennifer Eads Donella Locke
Linda Riffle Jeffrey Faris
Beverly Ross  


Businesses facing civil penalties:

1st Choice Services, Inc. Limestone Mortgage Company, Inc.
21st Century Legal Services Mortgage Menders 
American Financial Corp. d/b/a National Foreclosure Counseling Services Mortgage Modifiers, LLC 
American Mitigation Group, Inc. (d/b/a American Mitigation Group, LLC) National Foreclosure Counseling Services (d/b/a American Financial Corp) 
Capital Foreclosure, Inc. Nationwide Financial Solutions, LLC 
Foreclosure Assistance, LLC PFS Financial Corp (d/b/a U.S. Loan Assistance Center) 
Foreclosure Relief Agency Pinnacle Connections, Inc. 
Homeownership Preservation Group, LLC (d/b/a Stop Foreclosure Save My Home) You Walk Away, LLC 
Liberty Mortgage, Inc.  USA Mortgage Aid Inc.


The Indiana Supreme Court's Disciplinary Commission has not publicly identified any lawyers allegedly involved in loan modification scams.  Further, a case-by-case review of year 2009 attorney disciplinary orders as of February 5, 2010 reveals no attorneys allegedly involved in loan modification scams.

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The list of alleged scammers for Maryland was last updated on April 12, 2011. Please check, and for updated information regarding the State of Maryland’s mortgage-related fraud actions.  All information on this page is publicly available. Click a name below to view public source documentation.

Members of the Maryland Mortgage Fraud Task Force have filed lawsuits against and/or convicted these individuals:

Roberto T. Aiello
Sahar Ali
Richard Allison
Jacob Appletree
Chas Bain
Wilbur Ballesteros
Ron Barona
Raul Bautista
Aaron Bowe
Brian Boyd
Cheryl Brooke 
Sharon M. Brown
Any Bryant
Chad Buchanan
Andrew Capelli
Andrew P. Capello a/k/a Andrew Capello
Rick Carter
Ronald Aaron Chapman, Jr.
Skip Cronin
James Hooper Dan
George Denikos
Jason Denikos
Joe Diaz
Christopher Diener
Carlisha Dixon
Edward Dubin
Ted Dubin
Chad Edwards
Chris Fasullo
David J. Feingold
Anthony Ferlanti
Shawn M. Finn
Alon Fisch

Trapper Fishbeck
Katisha Fordham
Kurt Fordham
Steven R. Forrest
James William Fox II
Katie Gauthier
Jeff George
Phillip George
Rodney Scott Getlan
Gregory Gray
Larry Gunter
Sandy Hernandez
Timothy Hutchison
Trevor Hutchison
Joy Jackson
Dennis James
Cheryl Johnson
Chandra Jones
Kehau Jones
Marjorie Jorgensen
Grace B. Kilchenstein
Earnest Lewis 
Michael K. Lewis
Johnny Linderman
Gary Linowes
Ro Lopez
Jemel Lyles
Brent MacDonald
Michael C. Mali
Jesse Malone
Xochitl Mariscal
Paul Marker
Dante Marquez
Clifford McCall
Jennifer McCall
Jason McCallum
Justin McCallum
Jodie McMillian a/k/a Jody McMillian, Jodie McMillan, Jody McMillan, Jodi Hans, Jodie Hans
Alan Miniu
Derek Oberholtzer
Andrea Olavarria
Heather N. Puccio
Michael D. Puccio
Fredy Quesada
Jim Richman
Jason Ritchie
Krista Selig
Joseph Servilio
Mastura Sheren
Howard R. Shmuckler
Reggie Simmons
Andrea Simpson
William Soto
Trevor S. Smith
Rodney Spellen
Jennifer Streaks
Winston Thomas 
Kristen Verdi
Andrew H. Williams
Piers Windebank
Nathaniel Wright 
David Zausner
Sean Zausner
Ryan Zimmerman
Emmanuelle Zuccarelli

Members of the Maryland Mortgage Fraud Task Force have filed lawsuits against and/or shut down these companies:

1st Choice Property Management Firm, Inc.
Absoloot Ventures, Inc.
American Home Solutions Group LLC 
Apply 2 Save, Inc.
ASM, Inc.
Axis Real Estate, Inc. a/k/a Axis Real Estate & Mortgage, Inc., Axis Real Estate Services, Axis 
Real Estate and Mortgage Solutions
Big Band Products, Inc.
Burroughs & Smythe Financial Services, Inc.
Certified Title & Escrow, Inc.
Cornerstone Title & Escrow, Inc.
Equity Recovery Services, LLC
Elect Group, LLC
Feingold & Kam, LLC
Fintech Services, Inc. a/k/a Fintech Loan Modification Services,
First Universal Lending, LLC a/k/a First Universal, First Universal Workout Solutions
First Universal Lending, LLC/ Maryland