Prevent Loan Scams

For Counselors and Partners

About the National Loan Modification Scam Database

The Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network (Network or LMSPN) has created the national Loan Modification Scam Database to collect a large amount of complaints to get a clear picture of the loan modification scam crisis nationwide and allow the Network to better assist federal, state, and local law enforcement efforts.  In addition, having a national database that is accessible to civil rights, non-profit housing organizations, legal aid groups, and consumer protection organizations is vital to providing private resources to support governmental efforts.

The National Loan Modification Scam Database:

  • Automatically sends complaints (provided homeowner permission) to the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel Database, which is available to federal, state and local law enforcement;
  • Allows the Network to compile and forward specific scam information to state and local enforcement officials directly;
  • Provides the Network the ability to easily search and sort data to analyze national trends and increase the ability of law enforcement to prosecute scammers;
  • Allows partners (including non-profit housing, legal aid, consumer protection, and civil rights organizations) involved in the fight against scammers, but who cannot access complaints filed with government agencies, to review scam data;
  • Enables trained Network volunteers to call back homeowners to collect even more detailed information about their situation to improve data analysis and enforcement efforts; and
  • Provides a window for the public, media and policymakers to see the havoc loan modification scammers have wrought on our nation.