Prevent Loan Scams

As a housing counselor, advocate, governmental agency or grassroots organization, you see first-hand the damage caused by unscrupulous and sometimes criminal third-party scammers, con-artists, and thieves purporting to offer loan modification services.  Such scams only compound the problems that homeowners face and increase the amount of support you need to provide. By partnering with the Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network (LMSPN or Network) you can  provide critical assistance to a nationwide effort to fight loan modification scams.  Partnering with the Network will help to increase the number of complaints reported by homeowners against alleged scammers, give officials at all levels of government information they need to identify and stop the scams, and provide further resources in the fight against scammers.

The Network was created in response to the proliferation of loan modification scams in the midst of the current foreclosure crisis.   It is led by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, NeighborWorks America, and the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and includes a broad base of governmental and non-governmental agencies working on this issue, with new national, state and local partners joining regularly. For the current list of partners click here. This effort aims to support and strengthen ongoing federal, state and local law enforcement efforts, as well as national, state and local housing, legal aid, consumer protection and civil rights non-profit organizations working hard to stop these scammers.

Report a Scam!
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