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Pinellas County, FL to host Foreclosure Seminars

The Pinellas County Department of Justice and Consumer Services will host a series of seminars throughout the area to educate the public on foreclosure fraud schemes.  Officials will use a $100,000 federal grant towards the effort to thwart the rising number of loan modification scammers targeting local homeowners in crisis.

Representatives from federal and local agencies including the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs and the Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation, will focus on educating the public on how to avoid loan modification scams. They will also provide useful and legitimate advice for homeowners currently entangled in fraud schemes.

Taking advantage of panicked homeowners with misleading and false promises are some of the many harsh tactics loan modification scammers employ.  The Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network fully supports the Pinellas County Department of Justice and Consumer Services in taking proactive steps to protect its homeowners from losing their money and their homes.

For more information, read the Tampa Bay Newspaper article, "County Hosts Foreclosure Seminar"