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PBS Airs Loan Scam Alert TV Special featuring the LMSPN Campaign!

With foreclosures at an all-time high, more people than ever are at risk of losing their homes. Making matters worse, loan modification scams are also on the rise.

Scam artists across the country are preying on homeowners who are facing foreclosure.  They make contact by phone, by mail, online or even in person.  They often seem legitimate and make big promises to modify loans and guarantee that they will save your home from foreclosure.  They charge fees up front and then disappear.  Many victims lose money and their homes.

The moderator leads a conversation of four panelists, including LMSPN's very-own Yolanda McGill, senior counsel for the Lawyers' Committee's Fair Housing & Fair Lending Project.  A large portion of her work involves preventing loan modification scams and serving as a clearinghouse for information from around the country.