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FTC Takes Actions Against Mortgage Relief Scammers Who Harmed Thousands of Consumers

The Federal Trade Commission led a suit against U.S. Mortgage Funding Inc., Debt Remedy Partners Inc., Lower My LLC, David Mahler, Jamen Lachs, and John Incandela, Jr. in its continuing campaign against scam artists who target homeowners behind in their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure. All but two defendants settled with the FTC and two received default judgments.

The defendants were charged with  targeting vulnerable homeowners through direct mail, telemarketing, and email. They allegedly assured homeowners that they could prevent foreclosure for an upfront fee, and promised a refund if they failed. However, these groups are accused of taking the money and running.

The court’s ruling bans all of the defendants from providing mortgage relief services, and two from debt relief services. In addition, a judgment of $17 million was raised against David Mahler, $3.5 million against Jamen Lachs, more than $18 million against John Incandela, Jr, and more than $19 million against U.S. Mortgage Funding, Inc. and Lower My Debts.Com LLC.

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