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Court Shut Down of NY Loan Scammer Homesafe America Picked Up By Reuters, New York Daily News, etc.

This week the Nassau County Supreme Court issued a sweeping order shutting down one of New York’s largest mortgage scam operations pending trial. The order is the most substantial victory to date in a year-long legal campaign against “loan modification scams” in New York and nationwide. The court order ceases the operations of Homesafe America Inc. and its successor corporation, United Solutions Law Firm, which are alleged to have scammed more than a thousand low- and middle-income homeowners by falsely promising to help customers modify the terms of their mortgages. Check out the news coverage on this case after the jump.

From Reuters:

"A Long Island judge on Monday ordered the temporary shutdown of New York-based companies accused of using "fast-talking salespeople and masterfully deceptive websites" to defraud more than a thousand homeowners in a multi-million mortgage loan modification scam..."

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From New York Daily News: 

"The Levittown, L.I., firms allegedly charged homeowners across the country - including some in Brooklyn and Queens - illegal upfront fees ranging from $1,500 to $4,000. Then they did little or nothing for the money..."

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From Law360:

"A New York judge on Monday halted the operations of United Solutions Law Firm, a home mortgage modification company accused of running a scam that has snared thousands of low- and middle-income homeowners.

A group of homeowners claim United Solutions, Homesafe and nearly two dozen employees falsely told poor and middle-income homeowners that they could renegotiate their mortgages to obtain more favorable terms.

The homeowners sued in June for fraud, deceptive practices and false advertising, demanding at least $1.5 million in punitive damages." 

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