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For homeowners who are facing foreclosure, or are having trouble making their mortgage payments, it can be a frightening and lonely process.  It is very important for homeowners to be aware of the large network of FREE assistance available from legitimate, well-trained non-profit counselors.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has certified approximately 2,900 non-profit agencies throughout the country whose counselors have completed required training.  These agencies are not permitted to accept a fee in exchange for foreclosure prevention counseling.  HUD-certified counseling agencies are a responsive and reputable source of assistance for homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure.  Homeowners facing foreclosure may also want to seek legal representation from a competent and ethical attorney.  For low-income homeowners, nonprofit legal aid organizations may be an excellent source of representation.

Here are links to sites that help connect homeowners with agencies that provide foreclosure prevention counseling:

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